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My challenge for 2017 was set but i now have to have a heart operation due to a leaking mitral valve. My consultant advised me not to do any extreme challenges until after the repair of the valve which is due to be operated on in October this year. A very good friend has stepped in for me this year to do her own challenge, which is the Rutland Marathon on 17th September 2017. All donations for this challenge goes towards my own pot which I have raised for Macmillan Cancer Support so far, which now stands at £50,000. I have seen first hand the amazing work Macmillan do and won't ever stop fundraising for them, I was gutted when I found out for the first time in 11 years & 11 challenges fundraising for Macmillan I couldn't do anything this year and Angela Noghani has stepped up to the mark. Here is her story....

I am running Rutland Marathon (26.2 miles) on 17th September 2017 as Stuart Kettell!  Every year since 2006 Stuart has raised money for Macmillan amounting to over £50,000!  This is the first year that doctors have put an end to his amazingly crazy stunts, www.willthemadfoolmakeit.co.uk  and told him that his heart operation is now a priority.  Stuart had hoped to walk the River Thames this year on the bed of the river – which would have taken immense training – so to help motivate him through the disappointment I have challenged myself to complete Rutland Marathon in a faster time than I completed London Marathon in 2002 – in less than 4hrs 30 mins!  Macmillan is a charity that has touched the lives of so many and this year more than ever I have learnt to value the work they do.  Thank you for supporting in any way you can.



Many thanks to Angela for stepping up to the mark this year for me, I am so honoured and grateful to her so please sponsor us using the link above, my challenge this year is my heart operation and then I will be back next year good as new hopefully to start again to get me up to £100,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.


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