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 This challenge was set for this year but has been put back to 2018 due to Stuart needing a heart operation later this year will keep you updated



 For his next madcap challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support, Stuart Kettell is attempting to travel the length of The River Thames from Oxford to London on an Aquaskipper. Well over 130 miles, the journey will be his biggest physical challenge. The Aquaskipper does not float! It is only propelled through the water and held above the surface by constant skipping on the foot rests which create lift on the hydrofoils which is similar to the lift created on an aeroplane wing. As soon as Stuart gets tired ...it sinks and he gets very cold and wet! No one in the world has attempted any kind of distance on one of these yet alone 100 miles or more. In fact two experts have told him its virtually impossible. Stuart will set off on Sunday afternoon 16th July 2017 from Oxford on this mammoth challenge which he thinks will take him 7 days finishing at Kingston on Thames on Sunday 23rd July 2017. Stuart has raised £50,000 for Macmillan so far and these challenges get harder with age as he is now 52. You can see all his previous challenges on the link above. Please use the links above as well to donate. Stuart will also have a tracker during the challenge so you can see his progress live.


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