Will the Mad Fool make it?

in 2008

Lands End to John O' Groats on a Penny Farthing

Will the Mad Fool make it?

in 2011

7 marathons in 7 days in a giant human hamster wheel

Will the Mad Fool make it?

in 2012

Suspended in the air by helium balloons for 7 days

Will the Mad Fool make it?

in 2010

Lived in a tiny box for one week suspended by a crane

Will the mad fool make it?

Welcome to the world of Stuart Kettell whose first challenge in 2007 was a flight around the UK coast in a flex-wing microlight aircraft

Stuart has raised nearly £60,000 for the charity over 14 years by completing an annual “wacky challenge”.

His feats included spending a week suspended in the air by helium balloons, pushing a Brussels sprout up Mount Snowdon with his nose, and cycling from John O’ Groats to Land’s End in a pedal-powered bathtub.

In 2021, Stuart walked raised money to fight cancer by walking backwards for 100 miles between Northampton and London.

In 2022, Stuart will take yet more steps backwards, by running the famous London Marathon, you guessed it….backwards!

Stuart Kettell pushes a brussel sprout up Snowdon - 2014

Challenges Training Update, Week 1

As Stuart flies in to action in preparation for his next big challenge, we catch up with how things are going...

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Challenges Stuart raises over £60,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support

With 1 Challenges under the belt, the total amount raised for Macmillan Cancer Support is now well over £60,000!

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Challenges Training is now well under way for the 2022 challenge!

With October 2nd looming ever closer, training for the London Marathon is going, well...backwards!

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